DGE Quality Standard for School Meals (english version)

Zum Thema Gemeinschaftsverpflegung Für die Zielgruppe Kinder und Jugendliche

With the "DGE Quality Standard for School Meals", the German Nutrition Society (DGE) gives those responsible for school meals a framework for an optimal form of the catering offer and thus to quality assurance. The Quality Standard was developed by experts of the DGE, representatives of all state ministries and network units for school meals, as well as with the assistance of numerous persons from science, schools and practice.

Core elements of the Quality Standard are criteria for optimal food choices, frequency of use as well as menu planning and preparation up to the nutrient optimized catering offer. In addition, important aspects are thematized, such as the beverage supply, snack catering or nutrition education. New is the advice regarding the Regulation on Food Information, with the obligation to label allergens, as well as Chapter 5 concerning sustainability.

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